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Posted on 11th April 2017


The Klean Kanteen line of insulated bottles get great reviews due to their high performance, klean design, safe material construction & lifetime Strong-as-Steel Guarantee. Keeping beverages hot for up to 24 hours and iced drinks cold for up to 90 hours with the Vacuum Insulated 946ml. Ideal for water, coffee, beer, whiskey, smoothies & any other favourite drink, cold, hot or carbonated.

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The three bottles that we currently have in stock are:
Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel 800ml Classic which retails at £18.95. Click here to buy now. Classics are the standard bearer of the Klean Kanteen® line. Testament to the power of good design and a good idea, they remain among Klean Kanteen®’s best sellers. The features of this bottle include Large 1.75″ (44mm) opening, easy filling and pouring, easy to clean (rounded corners), it doesn’t retain or impart flavours, has a slim design which fits in most cup holders, the bottle is safe, durable and made from high quality materials, BPA free and has a lifetime warranty.

Klean Kanteen 473ml Insulated V.Green which retails at £27.95. Click here to buy now.
This is Klean Kanteen’s popular vacuum insulated bottle, but now with a café cup top. The Insulated Wide bottles are now available with the new leak-proof Café Cap 2.0 to keep hot and cold drinks safely contained – and completely spill free. Like all of Klean Kanteen’s Wide bottles (and unlike most to-go mugs out there) this simple, elegant bottle is very easy to clean. The features include; being durable, double-wall construction; contents stay hot or cold for hours, the width is 2.125″ (54mm) and the opening fits ice, easy to fill and pour, the bottle doesn’t impart or retain flavours, the slim design fits in most cup holders. Insulates hot beverages up to 10 hours. Insulates iced drinks up to 30 hours.

Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated 946ml which retails at £34.95. Click here to buy now. This is the bottle that launched Klean Kanteen a decade ago is now available in insulated. Klean Kanteen have combined their original, iconic, Classic bottle with high-performance, double-wall vacuum insulation to create their most versatile bottle ever. Features the leak-proof Loop Cap for safe transport. This bottle comes with all the standard features and insulates hot beverages up to 24 hours and insulates iced drinks up to 90 hours.



What we think? It is possibly the best outdoor bottle.  We love the feel and function of Klean Kanteen products. Its a product that we use ourselves; I started with the Classic Stainless Steel bottle with sports cap which I have found great for using on a daily basis, I was so pleased with the product that I have now added the Insulated bottle to my collection which will be great for both hot summer days cold winter morning.




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