You may have an older gun that you feel requires part or total restoration. There are few companies left in the country who retain the skills necessary to maintain, repair and restore best quality guns. We specialise in this type of project and can advise on work such as re-stocking or re-barrelling.


Restoration services that we offer include:

  • Restocking, from personally sourcing the blanks to carrying out a Best London oil finish we can advise on all aspects of restocking.
  • Barrel repairs, blacking, browning and re-proof.
  • We offer full case colour hardening, using the traditional method of bone, leather and charcoal. As this is not a precise method, more artisan than scientific, results do vary.  This process not only hardens the top surface of the gun, but also enhances the overall look of the gun.

Please find below an example of a trio of Henry Atkin shotguns that we have restored. For more information on this project please contact us. This trio of guns also featured in an article in the Shooting Sportsman in the USA, a blog post with the published article can be found here along with further photographs which we have also taken of the fully refurbished trio. For more information on this project please contact us.