We stock a good range of competitively priced clay and game cartridges from the following manufacturers;

Hull, Express, Eley, Bornaghi and Nobel.


Please contact us for any more information.

Inspection and Appraisal

We offer this service for most makes of shotgun and rifle. This service could be formal or informal depending on the clients’ wishes, be it for insurance, probate or consideration for sale. We also offer this service with consideration for repair with a written report if required. With the most important factor of a guns value being based on its being ‘in proof ‘ and the condition of the barrels, valuations must be given in person as the gun in question must be viewed to assess its current condition and proof status.

comission sale

Commission Sale

Thinking of buying a new gun or just refining your collection. We can offer your shotgun or rifle for sale on a commission basis where the gun is sold on behalf of the client at a price agreed by both parties. On commission sale we will put your gun in our display cabinets in store where it will be on view to all of our customers, we will also advertise it online, in the shooting press and when we exhibit at events.

If you would like your gun valued, whether it be for sale, insurance purposes or personal interest we are happy to give you a valuation in store.


For a modest fee we can safely store your gun in our secure store for short or long term. When possible we can arrange for the gun to be delivered to you in UK. We also offer this service to overseas visitors who travel to the UK annually and prefer not to travel with their guns on every trip.


Visitors to the UK

If you are coming to the UK to shoot we can arrange a visitors shooting permit and if required gun hire can also be arranged. We can also arrange a loader should it be required.

Simulated Game Days

Set amongst ideal shooting country, with open and woodland scenery, Tittershall Simulated Game Shooting offers your party of 8 to 20 guns a complete and unforgettable simulated game shooting experience to test and hone your shooting skills. This really is the nearest you will come to shooting game, at a fraction of the price of a day’s game shooting but with all of the fun.

An authentic game shooting experience. Our full day package has the formal feel of the traditional driven days shooting. The guns assemble in the clubhouse for breakfast rolls and tea/coffee and then board the gun-bus to be taken to the first of three drives before returning to the clubhouse for a light lunch. After lunch the guns return to the gun-bus for a further two drives before returning to the clubhouse for tea. Complimentary refreshments are included throughout the days shooting.

Suitable for groups of between 8 and 20, we cater for both novices and experienced shooters, tailoring our simulated game days to your individual group requirements. For novice shooters our friendly instructors will explain exactly how everything works and what to do.


Our drives consist of driven Grouse, Partridge and high Pheasant. A typical day includes over 4000 different clays resembling everything from fast low flying partridge to high pheasants, ensuring that you get an exhilarating, varied and challenging shoot. We can present everything from lone birds to sustained flushes, at a variety of angles, heights and speeds.

Simulated Game Days are accessible to everyone.


Our simulated game days take clay pigeon shooting to the next level, and are becoming increasingly popular with all types of Clients including:

Experienced game shooters looking to stay sharp in the off-season.

People who love shooting but don’t want to game shoot.

Novice shooters looking to develop their skills.

Corporate and team building events/ Stag and hen parties.

Game Shooting

The pheasant has come to be regarded as an indigenous bird species in both the UK and Eastern Europe. There are many who believe that a high curling pheasant is one of the most difficult birds to shoot giving the true sportsman the ultimate challenge.


The team at Carl Russell & Co specialise in facilitating high pheasant and partridge days that will never be forgotten by providing challenging shooting in beautiful countryside, accompanied by unrivalled hospitality.

Regardless of whether you are new to driven game shooting or have a wealth of experience under your belt – we will welcome you and ensure that you leave having had one of the finest sporting experiences known to man!

This year we are organising two week long shooting trips as well as individual days during the season. Please find below details of the shooting that we have available for this coming season. If you would like more information about the availability this year or about planning a trip for 2017 please do not hesitate to contact us.