Carl Russell & Co have in-house time served gunmakers who carry out servicing and repairs to all makes of shotgun and rifle.

Whether you shoot game or clay all shotguns and rifles need to be serviced regularly to prevent malfunction in the field. We recommend that you have your gun serviced at least every two years, if you shoot frequently and in bad weather we would advise to have your gun serviced every year.


A standard service would include stripping the gun to its component parts, removing dirt, grease and debris. Then replacing or regulating any parts where required, re-assembling, lubricating and finally test firing.

Having your gun serviced regularly by our craftsmen will safeguard you investment and prevent failure in the field.

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Be it a new or older gun, ‘gunfit‘ is very important. We can advise if your gun fits you correctly and if required carry out the necessary alterations. From a fitting session in the workshop which is ideal for minor adjustments, to a full fitting service which can be arranged at a shooting school with a qualified instructor using a try gun and pattern plate. In our view shooting in the field is the best way to obtain the most accurate set of measurements.


Examples of alteration work carried out by the team at Carl Russell & Co include:

  • Altering cast and/or drop
  • Best stock extension in buffalo horn or wood with a chequered butt end
  • Fitting of best leather covered recoil pad
  • Fitting of recoil pad
  • Altering balance

gunfit pad form for alterations

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Firing pins, top lever springs and mainsprings are all components that may fail in a guns lifetime. We can replace and if required make any new part that is needed.


Examples of repair work that we offer include:

  • Replacement of broken or worn parts
  • Re-jointing
  • Regulate ejectors
  • Regulate trigger pulls
  • Re-laying of ribs
  • Raise dents in barrels
  • Polish bores
  • Barrel re-blacking or re-browning
  • Choke alterations



You may have an older gun that you feel requires part or total restoration. There are few companies left in the country who retain the skills necessary to maintain, repair and restore best quality guns. We specialise in this type of project and can advise on work such as re-stocking or re-barrelling.


Restoration services that we offer include:

  • Restocking, from personally sourcing the blanks to carrying out a Best London oil finish we can advise on all aspects of restocking.
  • Barrel repairs, blacking, browning and re-proof.
  • We offer full case colour hardening, using the traditional method of bone, leather and charcoal. As this is not a precise method, more artisan than scientific, results do vary.  This process not only hardens the top surface of the gun, but also enhances the overall look of the gun.

Please find below an example of a trio of Henry Atkin shotguns that we have restored. For more information on this project please contact us. This trio of guns also featured in an article in the Shooting Sportsman in the USA, a blog post with the published article can be found here along with further photographs which we have also taken of the fully refurbished trio. For more information on this project please contact us.


Custom Beretta

Berettas are undoubtedly the best selling over & under shotguns on the market today. Whether it be used for clay or game the Beretta o/u is extremely reliable and represents great value for money.

In the workshop at Carl Russell & Co we can customise any Beretta so it looks and handles more like an English game gun. Most custom work is carried out on the ‘EELL’ or ‘Jubilee’ models but we can customise any model. Examples of the different custom modifications available are listed below.

  • Conversion to straight hand or Prince of Wales (POW) grip, with an option of a metal grip cap for the POW grip or an extended tang if converting to straight hand. Both can be engraved to match the action engraving.
  • Alterations to clients measurements with fitting of horn heel plate with a chequered end or fitting of a leather covered recoil pad.
  • If the gun has a Schnabel type forend wood this can be slimmed to a rounded game type.
  • Fitting of engraved diamonds into the forend wood replacing the factory fitted roundels.
  • Best London oil finish to stock and forend with re-cutting of the chequering.
  • Double trigger conversion.
  • Fitting of gold oval.
  • Engraving of ovals.
  • Numbering pairs 1 & 2 in gold.
  • Fitting to a best leather case, available for pairs or single guns.

Please contact us for more information about a custom Beretta.