Air Rifle Guide

Posted on 9th April 2017

Buying your first air rifle or looking for a replacement? Read our comprehensive guide to air rifles information on the air rifles that we stock.

Our airgun guide includes useful information for anyone interested in airguns. From people who like aiming at targets to those who want to sort out a rabbit problem in the garden. Air rifles are great fun to use, we hope that you find this an interesting blog read, whether you are a beginner or more experienced shot looking for assistance.

We have put together a few ‘legal’ reminders to begin with, which we encourage everyone to read as it is irresponsible to use an airgun without ensuing you understand all the following information.

 Important Information:

  • If an air rifle has a power of below 12ft/lb you do not need a licence to own it in England and Wales.
  • Airguns are classed as firearms so there are heavy penalties for any offence involving one.
  • If you’re 18 or over you can buy an air rifle and ammunition and use it where you have permission to shoot.
  • If you’re aged 14 to 17 you can’t buy an air rifle or ammunition but you can borrow them. You can then use the borrowed kit without supervision on private premises where you have permission.
  • If you’re below 14 years of age you can use an airgun only under the supervision of someone who is at least 21 years old, on private premises, with permission of the occupier.

The main species of animals that you can shoot with an airgun include pigeon, rats, rabbits, grey squirrels and members of the crow family. It is important to remember that all birds are protected. If you want to shoot pigeon and crows you need to do so under the terms of the general licenses. These allow you to shoot birds for specific reasons, including crop, game and wildlife protection and public health and safety. Shooting these birds just for the pot is not lawful.

Safety is paramount airguns can injure, damage and even kill. A safe backstop is essential, so before trying to shoot anything make sure there is sufficient background behind the target. Air-rifle pellets can travel a long way and not only is it dangerous, it is also an offence if your pellets travel beyond your boundary.

Spring loaded or Pre-charged pneumatic, which to choose?

Ultimately it’s down to personal preference, there are many options including spring-loaded, pre-charged pneumatic, gas ram and CO2.

Spring-loaded guns take longer to load as you need to cock a large spring each time you want to fire but they’re generally cheaper to buy and run than pre-charged pneumatics. Spring loaded guns recoil.

Pre-charged pneumatic airguns come with a reservoir of compressed air capable of firing multiple pellets between fillings. This means you can fire off subsequent shots really quickly, however you have to refill them with a stirrup pump or divers air bottle. Pre-charged guns have no recoil and can be almost silent.

Calibre, .177 or .22?

The difference between .177 and .22 is the internal diameter measurement of the inside of the barrel. The main options are .177 and .22 and main difference between the calibres is the weight of the pellet. Generally .177 pellets will be lighter and therefore faster, .22 will be more powerful and therefore is the preferred choice in the hunting scene, however .177 are cheaper and will still kill.

Airguns for sale

Please find here a small range of the air rifles that we currently have in stock, this stock regularly changes, we try to keep a wide selection available in store so it is best to contact us of there is something specific you are looking for, alternatively browse our current selection in our gunroom.


Walther Century – Spring, break barrel – German made with automatic safe, threaded for sound moderator complete with 6 x42 Walther scope. £275

Daystate MK3 Thumbhole – Pre-charged Pneumatic – Very nice Daystate MK3 thumbhole with Viper 10×44 including sidewheel paralex. Harris bi-pod, gunslip & original paperwork. £995

Walther Terrus – Spring, break barrel – a second hand gun we have for sale at £225.


Air Arms S410F – Pre-charged Pneumatic – This premier quality air rifle made in the UK with new trigger design giving more accuracy, orbital fluting to the bolt handle gives improved grip and muzzle break giving best sound reduction. Also available in full left hand version. £645

Air Arms TX 200 MK3 – Under Leaver – a new air rifle currently for sale at £455.

SMK 19syngr –Break barrel, gas ram – a new air rifle that would be perfect for a beginner or first gun, currently for sale at £175.

Browning M-Blade – Break barrel, spring – Ideal starter air rifle with 4×32 scope. £129

Thank you for reading, we hope you found this information of some use. Please contact us for more information about any of our air rifles.

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