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Posted on 15th November 2018

We are now stocking artwork products from Laloa.

LALOA was born out of a vision to take art a step further and Live A Life of Art®. Not just commercially producing stock images for the mass market, but creating hand drawn original art and turning it into something else that becomes part of the living home. All images are done by hand, currently by artist Liz Murray using watercolours, ink and acrylics (not necessarily together!). They are then scanned professionally to the highest standard and colour matched. Thereafter Laloa have collaborated with UK based independent companies to produce a range of products that capture the essence of the art in a way that brings it into the living home.

The vision to bring quintessential, British made home ware that brings together fine art and fine textiles is now a reality with LALOA.

The trademark of the collection is the depiction of country animals in country clothing. ‘This Country Life’ was many years in the making. Liz grew up in the northern countryside surrounded by the Northern hills, sheep and stonework. After moving to the flat plains of Norfolk her true love affair with country life began.

When pheasants in the driveway become the norm and wearing wellies on a grocery trip are required, it is inevitable that these requirements of country life will blend into one creative blur! Why have a painting of sheep when sheep in wellies are naturally more entertaining? And don’t highland cattle need a country hat to finish their magnificent presence??

This collection is still growing and developing but Laloa and the team at Carl Russell and Co are excited to share its transformation.

We currently have a range of the greetings and Christmas cards and we will be expanding the range of home ware products and artwork in 2019.

View our current collection here.


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