The perfect foodie country Christmas…

Posted on 20th December 2018

Christmas is a time to celebrate with family and friends. A time where we indulge in some fantastic food and drink. I have put together a couple of recipe ideas that not only taste delicious but also champion the produce of our local shoots, game dealers, butchers and farm shops.
There is no doubt that most Christmas tables will be adorned with some sort of meat pie. In our house at Christmas we often have a pie like this in the evening with a selection of pickles and cheese. I discovered this recipe in the ‘Feathers – The Game Larder’ recipe book by Jose L Souto. I first learnt of Jose Souto’s books through the photographer Steve Lee who worked on both the Feathers and Venison ‘Game Larder” books with Jose to produce books that are truly something special.

Mixed game bird & pork pie with a blackberry & sloe gin jelly.
Ian Heircock, head development chef of the Walkers and Sons bakery, came up with this archetypal hunting and shooting game pie which incorporates one of the favoured tipples of a days hunting, sloe gin, in the jelly of the pie. The filling for this pie is made up of a mixture of pheasant, duck and partridge combined with the blackberry and sloe gin jelly to create an indulgent and delicious pie. A great recipe for using up all the odd bits of meat in the freezer that you have harvested on shoot days throughout the season.
Find this recipe on page 131 of ‘Feathers – The Game Larder’ available to purchase in our retail store and online.

Stuffed whole pheasant.
It takes a little time to do, but this recipe is well worth the extra effort. Complete with sausage meat and black pudding stuffing and served with a game jus, roast potatoes and vegetables. This recipe is a good alternative for the traditional roast dinner.

Whatever your plans this holiday season. We hope that you have a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

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