Repairs, Servicing & Alterations

Posted on 20th March 2018

Repairs, Servicing & Alterations

Carl Russell & Co have an on-site workshops where our time served gunmakers carry out restoration, servicing and repairs to all makes of shotgun and rifle.

Workshop Series 2

Restoration: You may have an older gun that you feel requires part or total restoration. There are few companies left in the country who retain the skills necessary to maintain, repair and restore best quality guns. We specialise in this type of project and can advise on work such as re-stocking or re-barrelling.

Alterations: Be it a new or older gun, ‘gunfit‘ is very important. We can advise if your gun fits you correctly and if required carry out the necessary alterations.

Servicing: All shotguns and rifles need to be serviced regularly to prevent malfunction in the field. We recommend that you have your gun serviced at least every two years, if you shoot frequently and in bad weather we would advise to have your gun serviced every year.

Repairs: Firing pins, top lever springs and mainsprings are all components that may fail in a guns lifetime. We can replace and if required make any new parts.

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