Best Oak & Leather Cases


Our Best Oak & Leather cases are still made in the traditional way with a carcass made from solid oak which is then polished and cased in best bridle leather. Internally the case is fitted exactly to the gun/s with compartments for the accessories and then lined with baize. Adorned with brass fittings, protective corners and finally two outer straps our Best Oak & Leather cases are the ultimate way to show off the case-makers skill and craftsmanship. Best Oak & Leather cases can be made for single guns or pairs and are available in all calibres and are suitable for both side by side and over under shotguns.

Lightweight Gun Cases


Based on the ‘VC’ (very compact) case these cases are of lightweight construction with either bridle leather or canvas covering and built to the same standards of quality and craftsmanship as our Oak & Leather cases. Made as compact as possible, these cases are an ideal for the well travelled gun. Our ‘Lightweight’ cases can be made for single guns or pairs, rifles or shotguns be it single barrel, side by side or over under and are available in all calibres.

Slips & Cartridge Bags


Our handmade slips & cartridge bags are made from robust bridle hide leather designed to cope with the rigours of the shooting field. All slips & cartridge bags are hand stitched with brass fixings, YKK zips, embossing tab & adjustable straps. Made of cow hide leather fully lined and of Payne Galway style with rapid load hinged flap, soft canvas and leather adjustable shoulder strap, brass hinged reinforcing strap taking the weight of the bag and a concave back for comfort. These bags can be personalised with embossing the leather tablet with the client’s initials.


Cartridge Magazines & Cleaning Cases


A cartridge magazine is a traditional method of storing cartridges between shoots. Our proportioned magazines can be made to hold 50 to 300 hundred cartridges. Made in the same way as our Best Oak & Leather cases, the carcass is made from oak and is cased in bridle leather with brass fittings, including a lock and key. Protective corners and hand cut and polished with leather tongues make cartridge removal easy. Our cartridge magazines can also be made in the construction as the lightweight cases.


Cleaning kit cases, tool rolls and jag, mop & brush pouches are just a few of the Best accessories our made by our casemaker. If, however you have a particular requirement that is not listed please do contact us.


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