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Carl Russell & Co New Builds

Having honed our skills at one of the country’s top makers we are passionate about new shotguns and rifles and draw on our extensive knowledge of the trade and working with the best craftsmen. Now an independent maker we can build a new shotgun or rifle on various action types and styles whether it be over and under or side by side. Using modern CNC made components all of our bespoke guns are built by hand in the traditional manner by time served craftsmen and are truly unique. Our attention to detail, knowledge and craftsmanship will ensure each commission is built to the highest quality and treasured for many years to come. All of our guns whether it be shotgun or rifle are supplied in a Best oak & leather case with accessories.

Carl Russell & Co #001 a 12g “Woodward” pattern o/u completed in 2018.

Over & Under

Our over and under shotguns are built on the Woodward action design which is famous for being lightweight and exceptionally robust, and the perfect base for us to build on. Our Over & Under guns are available in dedicated action sizes in all calibre’s in square or round action shapes. A Carl Russell & Co Over and Under gun is offered with either straight or pistol grips. Completed with a chequered butt or leather covered recoil pad, and the option of gold or silver oval and inlaid gold or silver letters. A custom gun can be engraved with traditional fine rose and scroll engraving with colour-hardened or bright finish. Additional extra finish engraving options are available on request.

Side by Side

A Carl Russell & Co Side by Side incorporates the innovative and beautifully engineered self-opening mechanism that was designed and developed by the Purdey employee, Frederick Beesley, in 1880. Using the residual power of the mainspring, the Beesley Action means a Carl Russell & Co Side by Side is a true “self-opener”, allowing for much faster loading. The Carl Russell & Co side-by-side guns are available on dedicated action sizes in all calibre’s.


The Carl Russell & Co double rifle is built to the very highest standards on a Holland and Holland back lock action. Introduced just after World War One, the bolstered action is elegant and strong. The back-action locks allow for a solid bar which adds weight and rigidity where it is most required. A Carl Russell and Co double rifle has a hand-detachable sidelock design, with two triggers and manual or automatic safety. Stocked using the finest walnut, with a pistol grip, cheek piece and recoil pad. Finished with an engraved gold oval. Complete in oak and leather case with accessories.

Currently in production and available for sale a Best Quality .470 Nitro Express Sidelock Ejector, ready to be engraved to the clients specification.  

Please contact us if you would like more information on our Commission shotguns and rifles.