Gun Cleaning & Maintenance

Gun Cleaning & Maintenance
    • Beretta Oiled Cloth (35x35cm)


      Special oiled microfibre cloth for polishing wood and metal (reusable), measuring 30×35 cm.  

    • Beretta Shooting Umbrella – Green


      Beretta’s Umbrella suitable for hunting or shooting ranges. Diameter 123cmAutomatic opening systemErgonomic handle 100.0% Polyester

    • Birchwood Casey 10oz Gun Scrubber Spray


      Cleaning your firearms just got a whole lot easier thanks to Gun Scrubber Synthetic Safe Cleaner. Now you can buy one solvent/degreaser that does the job safely on every single firearm that you own. Gun Scrubber Synthetic Safe Cleaner cleans fast and will not harm firearm plastics, wood, laminates, composites,…

    • Birchwood Casey Aluminium Black Metal Finish


      The room temperature chemical used by gunsmiths and industry to blacken aluminum parts. Restores scratched and marred areas quickly. Fast-acting liquid is easy to apply with no dimensional change. Color will vary from deep gray to black depending on alloy. Aluminum Black Metal Finish is also excellent for blackening name…

    • Birchwood Casey Blue & Rust Remover


      Blue & Rust Remover is a safe, reliable solution that removes rust and old blue easily and quickly without damaging base metal. Safe for removing old finish from firearms, muzzleloaders and antiques. Also excellent for removing rust from tools, gauges and precision instruments. Blue and rust removal is a necessary…

    • Birchwood Casey Brass Black Metal Finish


      Fast-acting liquid used by gunsmiths and industry to blacken or antique brass, copper and bronze parts. Easy to apply with no dimensional change. Often used to mark cartridge cases to identify loads. Excellent for blackening name plates, plaques, castings, sculptures and other home, workshop and hobby uses. Colour varies depending…

    • Birchwood Casey Choke Tube Lube


      Prevents stuck choke tubes caused by corrosion, high stress of steel shot loads, extreme temperatures and pressure from repeated trap and skeet shooting. Withstands heat and prevents seizure even at extreme temperatures up to 2000°F. Provides maximum lubrication against friction and excellent corrosion protection from rain and salt water. Anti-seize…

    • Birchwood Casey Gunstock Sealer & Filler


      Seals out moisture and fills the pores in one easy step. A clear sealer and filler lets you choose your favorite stain or leave the wood in a natural tone. Use Sealer & Filler as the first step to a beautiful Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish. Easy to use and dries…

    • Birchwood Casey Gunstock Wax – 3oz


      A high-quality formula combining protective and beautifying qualities of the finest carnauba, beeswax and silicone. Produces a lustrous water repellent film that will not rub off like oils. Offers maximum protection against finish cracking from weather and handling. Enhances and protects the beauty of woods, metals and leather. 

    • Birchwood Casey Muzzle Magic Cleaner


      Prevent rust and loss of accuracy from blackpowder fouling by cleaning your muzzleloader with No. 77 – the traditional, water-soluble cleaner. Safe for use with natural lubricants. Effectively dissolves powder residue and loosens any metal traces for easy removal. Flip-top for no-spill cleaning. 

    • Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue


      Birchwood Casey offers you the best ways to touch up scratches and worn spots or even completely reblue most guns. It will give a non-streaky, even blue-black finish to steel (except stainless). Both Perma Blue® Liquid Gun Blue and Paste Gun Blue provide great blueing to metal that has already…

    • Birchwood Casey Plum Brown Barrel Finish 5oz


      Produces a rich, authentic, old-style brown finish for original or replica firearms. Plum Brown Barrel Finish is ideal for restoring antique guns, muzzleloaders and other metal antiques. A durable, protective and attractive finish that’s simple to apply. Just heat metal with propane torch or other clean, convenient method and apply…

    • Birchwood Casey Synthetic Gun Oil – 10oz Spray


      The Birchwood Casey Synthetic Gun Oil is a superior gun oil for all climates. Reduces the friction between mating surfaces. Will not gum up or lose its viscosity under extreme temperature variations from -55°F to 300°F. The natural solvency of Synthetic Gun Oil cleans as it oils while its low…

    • Birchwood Casey Tru Oil Gun Stock Finish


      There is no better oil finish! Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish has been the professional’s choice for gunstock finishing for more than 30 years. Its unique blend of linseed and other natural oils dries fast, resists water damage and will not cloud, yellow or crack with age. Excellent as a sealer…

    • Birchwood Casey Walnut Stain 3oz


      Water-soluble stain is sun-fast, true-to-colour and non-bleeding. Produces a clear, rich colour without grain clouding or smearing. Walnut Stain is a true, brown-walnut colour for the traditional look. Colour intensity is easily controlled by adding water to concentrate or using full strength for light colored woods such as birch.

    • Bisley Air Rifle Cleaning Kit .177 & .22


      The Bisley Air Rifle Cleaning Kit suits both Air Rifles & Air Pistols in both calibres .177 & .22. Contains 3 piece steel rod, jag/pellet remover, wool mop in .177 and .22, bronze brush in .177 and .22, and nylon brush in .177 and .22.

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